Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Lindsay Lohan: New Face of Jill Stuart.

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Lindsay Lohan seems to be everywhere and I just so happen to be around the riverbend with my binoculars.

Lindsay is the new face of Jill Stuart's print ad campaign. Shot in Toyko, the actress is covering her well known private parts with the Emelle tote in black patent leather. Stuart stated,

"I can’t say enough fantastic things about Lindsay. She is sexy and smart, exactly what the Jill Stuart woman embodies."

I'll hold my glass high for that one. [Cheers] Lindsay is what a Jill Stuart woman embodies? Well shit. Show me the tote bags. Let's go ahead and call Lindsay a role model for the women without boundries. Some may refer to us as whores or sluts, but what can ya do.


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