Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My Hero

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So because Britney Spears looks like this, she's apparently crazy and weird and stuff.

While shopping at Jill Stuart in Beverly Hills yesterday, she must've forgotten she was famous and not allowed to act like the rest of us. Just because I walk around stores nude with bags and a Mimosa, doesn't mean I have photogs in my business. This means Brit, that you're not normal and aren't allowed to behave as such.

You have money. Why are you wearing cowboy boots, hats, fishnets, red lipstick and a smile.

If you're shopping for your children, the ONLY thing you're supposed to be paying attention to, it shouldn't be at Baby Gap off the $9.99 rack you cheap boozed up whore. Ooo [claps] How about I turn my head and you quickly disappear to the entrance of Kitson. That way, I can pretend I have morals, while I sit hidden behind my computer screen and blog about how much of a bitchy attention whore you are because you spend loads of money in stores like Kitson.


Contradiction is so totally in right now.
Anyway, you're a whatever u do next whore Britney Spears.
& you eat at Carls Jr.
When is the madness going to stop?

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