Monday, July 9, 2007

Did she win?

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I thought Carrie Underwood won American Idol. Or am I two seasons behind? Whatever. American Idol is FUCKING ridiculous because it presents famous losers. Sangia. Honestly.

Lets produce a show that makes Ryan Seacrest a God and makes all of its contestants winners. It's kinda like T-Ball. There are no strikes and no outs. Everybody hits. Everybody runs. Everybody wins.

Katherine McPhee is already rich and shopping at Chanel for some reason. Do you get money for just making the Finals or something? Or is she already making Rodeo Drive money with her current Album? Ugh. All these American Idol rejects and their flashy smiles.

I don't know Katherine.
I don't care about Katherine.
But I do like Katherine in this picture.

Pick it up, if u like this sort of thing.

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