Friday, July 13, 2007


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In the recent uproar over Britney Spears not having fences around her pools, she has placed both her Malibu and Beverly Hills Mansions up for sale. If my common sense serves me right, that douchebag fucktard Kevin Federline called and ratted her out to Child Protection Services. Or it might've been the magazine helicopters that have amazing views of her fenceless pools. Either way, both houses are up and she should make some change around the sum of $20 million.

Sorry, but if I had the money to move into a hotel like the Four fucking Seasons [Beverly Hills] please believe I'm fucking and ordering sushi for the first realtor to ring my bell. Who doesn't want to live in a Hotel. Bomb ass food delivered to your door. No more 2 am trips to Jack in the box hoping you don't run into the cops and you get someone to come in and clean your room every single time you leave it? SOLD.

& let's not forget the entire building full of chipper worker bee's eager to get into her room, snap a couple of pictures and phone TMZ while on the elevator that she had toothpaste squeezed into a condom.

I don't think this was the safest entry to uhm, post. I was kind of in the mood for some Cali lovin anyway and to now know that Britney Spears is living at The Four Seasons in Beverly Hills. Man o man.

Excuse me.
Google: Four Seasons Hotel Beverly Hills.
Booking information.

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Amy said...

I would love to live in a hotel! That'd be awesome!