Saturday, July 7, 2007

Nick and Vanessa are Sinners.

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The Horror. The Outrage. The Disgust. Etc.
I think i'm confused and would absolutely LOVE your help.

First of all, why are they naked? Why are these two grown adults running around together [whispers]with their clothes off?[end whisper] I mean. What could they possibly be doing over there? On their vacation. In their hotel space. Naked.

People have sex. Men who have penises and women who have vaginas mingle and FUCK. I don't understand what the FUSS is about. What. Celebrities can't have sex? I mean OBVIOUSLY all of Hollywood is fucking because I can't look in ANY direction without a huge picture of some fucking celebrity with a baby bump. I guess it's okay if everyone thinks it's not happening, but once we snoop around and actually FIND IT! Oh man. Run celebrities, run. Whores. All of you. Nasty, Disgusting, Filthy whores.

Is it absolutely necessary for the huge red censor signs? Honestly. Everyone knows that on Vanessa we have one for the boobies and one for the vagina. & for Nick we have only one because it's simply his buttocks. SEE I know what's behind there, LET ME SEE IT.

I'm not going to the store and buying the magazine with the huge red ass censor signs on it. If you're going to bitch, moan and complain about Nick Lachey having sex with his girlfriend Vanessa Milliano and exploit the dirty sex pictures then I WANT TO SEE THE PICTURES! I could dream that. What they've given me up there. I could dream about a body and put covers over the secret spots.

We know what Nick and Vanessa look like. If you're going to report LOOK! THEY'RE NAKED then DAMNIT, you better start showing me some NAKED pictures.

"If people thought she was a goody-goody, well, this will prove she's not." says a FRIEND. Okay. One, not my friend and two if getting naked with another person was so forbidden, I wouldn't be writing and you wouldn't be reading.

and because it's friday night, I can't wait for all my drunken fuck romp stories in the morning ! Whooooo !

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I LOVE YOU!!! You need to take your comment here and post it all over the web!