Tuesday, September 4, 2007


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First and Foremost, I must admit that I despise Baby Mama's the way uppity people despise everything. Because ... I feel that they are some shady motherfuckers. You know what, if we're going to get technical ... I don't understand the entire "Baby Mama" thing. Ooo back up bitch. I'm a baby mama. So we're supposed to be scared of those women because they managed to get a man ... get a baby ... lose the man ... keep the baby? And then we're supposed to break through with extreme pity because ... he was a fucking asshole anyway.

No No.
Asshole = Goodbye Woman. That Baby Isn't Mine.
Regular Man = Goodbye Woman. This isn't working out BUT I'M STILL GOING TO BE APART OF MY CHILD'S LIFE. There is NOTHING fucking wrong with that and I'm sick of all these bitches who expect pity from everyone simply because they're relationship didn't work out. But they wound up with a kid. Actions come with Consequences. And yes. I felt the need to write that because everyone seems to have forgotten.

Bridget Moynahan and Tom Brady were together for three years when he decided to leave her pregnant ass for Gisele Bundchen. The [used to be] Victoria's Secret model in my opinion. But anyway.

She had her baby whoo shalalalala but is deciding to be a complete and total bitter bitch about the entire situation.

“Tom was only allowed to see the baby for a short time,” says a West Coast spy. “Bridget would not see him herself.” Moynahan’s publicist said in a statement: “Bridget is very thankful for a happy baby, excited about being a mother, and very pleased that the father, Tom Brady, was able to be there for the birth.”

But our source says: “He was only allowed to come after the baby was born. The woman would not see him, period. And she gave the baby her last name.”

“[Tom] is waiting to find out when he can see the little guy again,” says the snitch. “Bridget is not giving him any slack on this at all.”


Uhhm. Guess what Bridget. YOU not wanting to see Tom is irrelevant. If it wasn't obvious when he dumped you for Gisele, let me go ahead and help you out. It.Does.Not.Matter that you are hurt that he wasn't THERE for your pregnancy. HE WAS NO LONGER THE BOYFRIEND. But he IS the father.

So ... I expect to see him [without you] staring through the glass smiling and waving at his son dressed in blue. You can stay in your room and pout until he's gone. I mean ... what. What was he supposed to do? Be there for every rude comment and slap when something wasn't done right? Women are Bitches. Fuck that. & I bet she's gonna be first in line, bright in early talkin about I don't want him in my life ... but I sure will take the check.

Someone turn on The Little Mermaid. My blood pressure's high.

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