Tuesday, September 4, 2007


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Lindsay. Lindsay. Lindsay. How I'm obsessed with your u aint seen nothing yet attitude. You are your own television show minus the television and the show. You are my reality soap opera. Ohhh the obsession.

“Lindsay got called into the director’s office on August 15 and was questioned about drugs. When ordered to take a drug test, she reluctantly complied but screamed and cursed at the medical director before storming out the room. She was told that if she couldn’t conform to the programme she’d have to leave.”

So even though my fantasy is away at rehab camp, she's making sure we don't forget that she exists. Because ... homegirl got caught having sex in the Cirque Lodge Facility bathroom with a fellow rehabber and uhm ... she took a drug test that came back positive.

All I have to say is that Lindsay Lohan and I are soulmates because we're both addicted to sex, drugs, cigarettes, mini computer phones, sex, sex and uhm sex.

Do you need further proof?
Because I will not hesitate to dig up the treasure chest under my pool.

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