Friday, October 19, 2007

I'm Mad At Paris Hilton

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She lied to me. She said she was going to start giving her money to charities and helping babies and going to Rwanda to help build shit. But ... she was at Les Duex the other night.

"She was chain smoking all night and mixing her own vodka drinks with the bottles on her table! She was dancing on tables, messaging on her blackberry and even smooching with her ex-Starvros Niarchos."

Well damnit. I wasted $5 a month to keep my spy on Paris. I thought she was in Iraq blowing shit up for the President and then going to Rwanda to build brand new buildings so people could ... live inside concrete walls. But no. She's being a 26 year old female smoking, drinking and texting. On her Blackberry. Let's not forget that it was on her blackberry. That bitch.

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