Friday, November 30, 2007

Brad Pitt Doubts Himself

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Brad Pitt has allowed Angelina Jolie to totally corrupt his mind. Having a demon for a girlfriend and babies from around the world does not make you OLD Bradley. Ugh.

"I figure I've got very few films left. Who knows how many I'll get to do now, so I want to do something I'm interested in...I think it's a younger person's game."

A younger person's game? What. Are you 94? Bradley, go into your bathroom and chant your name three times. Ssh. Ssh. It's okay just do it. but make sure you'r chanting. a simple "brad" doesn't work. Oh. Your lights flickered, the bathroom steamed and Sexiest Man Ever showed up on the mirror?

Well alright. My work here is done.

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