Friday, November 23, 2007

jonathan rhys meyer should be a rapist.

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hahah ! look at those im comin around the corner in the dark rape eyes. jeezes. jonathan rhys-meyers was arrested sunday afternoon in dublin for, "drunkenness and breach of the peace."

look at the bright side people, at least he didn't rape anyone. although, that would've been nicer. i'm sick of the drunk charges. it's like ... we process alcohol so everyone can have amazing weekends with 79 mistakes that get broadcasted everywhere so the oh so famous, "but i was drunk" can be used ... but don't abuse it. don't drink and then drive. stay put. don't drink and walk. because someone might hear u. and heaven forbid ur in the market for tootsie rolls and wanna stop at a lasexy !

JRM gets kudos from me. drunk ... in public ... in ireland ... with that face. i mean ... what else are sexy people in ireland supposed to do !? why are there even drinking laws over there !? that's like me loading up the jet to go to amsterdam and getting arrested for not giving a fuck.

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