Friday, November 2, 2007

Where Is The Justice?

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Because most of my posts would be like this one. I love America. It's the only place where you can have an affair with a married man, get jealous and shoot his wife in the head, go to Prison for many years, get out and rekindle the fucking flame. C'mon Joey. COME ON. I was on your lying bastard "we weren't involved" side. AND NOW THIS.

Amy Fisher ... OMG ... Remember Adams Family Values ... Values ... Is that the one where they went to summer camp and Wednesday smiles? I dunno. Whatever. That one. They had an Amy Fisher trading card. Because she shot a woman in the face. Close range. What's the legal system. I'm going to jail for a month if I get caught with Pot but these people are shooting and running people over and they don't get LIFE !?!?

Excuse me while I go sign up for Justice courses.

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