Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Britney Spears Cares About Her Appearance

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I guess.

I wonder when magazines and tabloids will go out of business. My dream is to work for a magazine but ... i'm already ahead of the game by waking up. My computer is right there. So it's like, why grab 8 magazines when getting my starbucks in the morning? ESPECIALLY when we're no closer to getting names. Sources Say

“She's always worrying about what she looks like,” one friend of the "Toxic" songtress reveals to OK!. “She checks pictures of herself on the Internet every night and criticizes every single one."

On her checklist: liposuction of the abdomen, hips and thighs ($18,000); a breast lift with change of silicone implants ($25,000); a mini tummy tuck ($18,000); and work on her nose ($20,000). Grand total: $81,000!

I guess that whole Doctor/Patient agreement thing went out of the window in Beverly Hills. I mean when someone gets plastic surgery we obviously KNOW because we're looking at them. But are doctors allowed to give a list? Fuck these people.

I'm just confused. If Britney CARES about her appearance ... why isn't she wearing make-up with expensive extensions? Isn't that what women care about? Their hair and make-up? So if she's so worried about it, why not start slow? Some douchebag cunt fucker suggested she go to Jan Adams. UGH ! If she dies because she's trying to perFECT herself for you motherfuckers. Oh the rage. Oh. The.Rage.

Just ...
Just ... start ... taking promotional pictures and PERFORMING PLACES !! We just need to remember that you're an artist and not someone to stare at while buying a venti and a pack of cigarettes in the morning.

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