Tuesday, December 11, 2007

It's Called Vanity

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Victoria Beckham, Son Beckham and David Beckham. There is nothing wrong in this picture. Nothing wrong at all. This is called a fairytale. What you're looking at. I watched Barbara Walter's "Most Intriguing People" last night. WHY was Katherine Heigl involved? I dunno. Whatever. But the Beckhams are sooo cute. With their accents and amazing faces. I totally dig their sense of humor as well. No but. David Beckham. *Sigh* David Beckham is TOTALLY in love with Victoria.

"Well ... we've been married 8 years and together for ... 7 ..."
"10 years ! How are we married 8 but together for 7?"

But he KNEW. He said 10 with a frow brow like he's been counting the days. Ahhh. He's so wonderful. I saw one of their videos and said I was going to marry that woman. Everything about him. Everything about him.

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