Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Lindsay Lohan is Dirty. Still Sexy !

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Well hello there cute face. Guess what I heard. FROM STAR ! So I know it's true girl. I heard you and the ex completely trashed your hotel room when you visited Shutters Hotel On The Beach in Santa Monica. I just googled shutters and find this to be a complete accusation. Have u seen, well, of course you have. Those rooms are too gorgeous to be fucked up by bloody synringes and drugs.

“Staffers went into clean and were shocked,” says the source. “It was a pigpen. There was filth everywhere and the room stank of cigarette smoke.

“There was also a bloody syringe that someone left lying on the bedside table on a room service tray. Hotel security photographed it before calling someone to remove it because it was considered hazardous waste.”

Huh. So it's hazardous waste and we need to call someone like oh I dunno security to come and have it removed. But not before they take a picture of it and call someone else like the bomb squad. Where's the picture !? Is this article too soon? Should I wait a few more hours before Lindsay's bloody synringe is all over the internet and the cover of People? Ooo. Can't wait. Because ... a bloody synringe means Lindsay's still got it.

*Dances A Jig.*

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