Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Blow it like Beckham, Victoria

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So it seems as if I like to discuss the Beckhams because everytime I say his name, my seat gets a little wet. Beckham. Mmm. Okay. Onto a serious note. Victoria B is bringing her stylish ways to our American computer and television screens. Our favorite "oh was she a spice girl" is set to have her own reality show starting this summer. It lets us watch six half hour episodes [on NBC] about her move from London to Los Angeles. I don't like when people say Los Angeles. Let's call it what it is. BEVERLY FUCKING HILLS. The place where you drive through like you're on a ride at a theme park.

Now that you're up to date. Victoria has a new Blow up doll that made it's debut today. I'm kind of offended. I guess I'm just spoiled with the "feel this" dolls that this cheap plastic bloated too red lipstick wearin joke is in fact, a joke. When's the last time you saw Victoria show us her teeth or eyeballs. Let's get it together. Someone pop that thing and head back to the drawing board.

NOTE: Beckham.Beckham.Beckham.Beckham.Beckham.

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Anonymous said...

seriously! that is the cheapest looking thing I've ever seen.