Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Britney Spears Swims in Miami

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Britney Spears took her 15 minute routine all the way to Florida this past week. While there, she did some massive shopping and a little pool swimming. The best thing about rumors are the fact, that there are so many. Some people say she went out around town in this outfit pictured above, while others say she attended a pool party at The Raleigh.

Either way. She looks fine. People design things for other people to wear. We've established that Britney Spears like to get funky with it. We know she's "Coutry Ya'll." Why are we still writing stories about her clothes like we're still confused. Britney's gonna wear what she's gonna wear. If you ask me, the only time I see her in the picture above is at a pool. Hints, the bathing suit underneath. Show me when she wore this to a club or walking down the Miami streets.


I know a bunch of bitches with holes in their Jeans, shirts and ripped Underwear. Sure, most of it was due to the rape the night before but they're still worn to Albertsons the next day.

Get OVER her style choices.


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