Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Drunk at 20

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How does it feel to have two rehab stays before even reaching the legal drinking age. That's some serious power right there. I still get carded when I buy cigarettes and I know I don't look 18. The wonders of FAME and the ability to take wonderful pictures like the ones above. Drunk. Haha. This would've been the perfect time for a fucking VIDEO camera. I can only imagine the sweet nothings that released from her Vodka slurs.

So anyway, to report the pathetic news: Lindsay Lohan is back in rehab. This time she's making her appearance at Promises where my girl Brit stayed. PerezHilton says we shouldn't bother her THIS TIME because she really needs to get better. The ignorance of some people.

Rehab to Lindsay is like a getaway. It's kind of like a I have a drinking problem, so when I don't want to drink, I go to rehab sort of thing. Do we honestly think that the LINDSAY LOHAN, infamous party girl, is going to give up her Vodka BEFORE the age of 21. She hasn't even been married or had a baby yet. Isn't that why alcohol was invented in the first place? I'll give her a month before we see her with water bottles and glazed eyes again.

Viva La Lohan.

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