Wednesday, May 30, 2007

OMG. They are so normal.

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Nicole Richie and my newest friend Mischa Barton hit up a Ralphs in Los Angeles for a little Memorial Day party shopping. Apparently, photogs were more interested in taking pictures of the girls instead of the merchandise in the sacks. Step your game up please. We know what they look like. Make your flash more personal.

My favorite pot smoker mixed her "Bronchitis" antibiotics with alcohol at her Memorial Day shin dig, forcing her to be rushed to a hushhush medical facility. Jeeze Misc. We all know you're only suppose to mix pain killers with alcohol. Not antibotics. I know I never end up in a hospital when I mix six percocet with Vodka. I normally end up in that one creepy guys basement, naked with a blindfold on. Everytime. It's weird.

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