Sunday, May 20, 2007

Fuck JoJo

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So, JoJo, who is a 16 year old singer/actress says she will never have a breakdown like Britney Spears.

"I can’t see that (a breakdown) in my future. There are things that are more important. I don’t think any sane person would see that coming - I’m sure Britney didn’t see it coming up. But I’m very close to my family and they keep me grounded, and I don’t think they would ever let me do that.”

Uh. Are we suppose to plan for mental breakdowns? Can someone email me the breakdown hotline so I can advise everyone in my state to watch out because in uhhh let's say four years, I'm going to completely lose my mind and go on an ice cream, percocet, vodka & pot binge. I plan on stabbing a couple of people and posing in pictures like I'm gonna shit bricks and have the face to match. Fuck You JoJo. No, I'm not mad because u dissed my girl. I'm mad because you're 16 years old staring in movies like Aquamarine comparing yourself to Britney fucking Spears. You don't have the success and fan base that would cause such a breakdown. Why are we calling it a breakdown? She got a divorce, lost her kids and shaved her head. SHE'S LOST HER FUCKING MIND !! HIDE THE BOOZE PILLS AND CHILDREN.

I don't wanna hear breakdown until she [Britney] leaves me a note saying she regrets shaving her head. Who the fuck knows. Maybe Britney wanted to spend a few months in Wigs. Why not? Just because we wouldn't wanna wear wigs doesn't mean Lupita in gwam doesn't LOVE them. Is she Psycho?

Remain a C list celebrity JoJo. I mean, you're way too grounded by your family at the age of 16 to get involved in the reality that is Hollywood. Turn 21 and get a boyfriend. THEN release statements on the breakdowns you'll never have.

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