Wednesday, May 9, 2007

This was no comeback

Britney Spears performed for the first time in three years May 1st, 2007. She took a tour bus from Los Angeles to San Diego to the House of Blues. Devoted fans who expected way too much were shocked and amazed when Britney showed up three hours late for her performance. She stepped on stage in a short white mini skirt, pink bra and sparklies. They cheered with delight when she surprisingly lip synced her way through, Baby One More Time (Remix), I'm a Slave 4 U, Breathe On Me, Do Something and Toxic. 15 minutes later it was over. Fans were pretty pissed about their $30 bucks for 15 minutes and a "Thanks for Coming."

$30 bucks and 15 minutes of PLEASURE! Hello. Are u kidding me. I would've given anything to be in San Diego to witness Britney sexually sweat her way through the entire thing. People expect too much. "This was suppose to be her comeback." FIRST of all, there's no comeback without a CD. I don't know about you, but I'm not going to a concert to hear songs I can't sing along to. I wanna be pumped and just as sweaty as the artist. Pah lease. A comeback should mean world tour. A little much? Whatever. She should've released an album and traveled the states. This was no comeback. This was a you talk so much shit about my weight and call me talentless, so let me show you what I can do. The speakage of weight is sucide level to a woman. Britney worked her ass off in her red bathing suit and stripper tights so she could drive to four House of Blues locations [San Diego, Los Angeles, Anaheim and Vegas] to show off her new impressive body and gorgeous wigs. This explains the outfit. You need to be as adorably naked as possible to show off every new muscle in your body. Duh. & as for her only giving the audience a "Thanks for Coming," What else was she suppose to say? Did everyone expect her to grab a towel, bottle of water and a stool and discuss the reason for her shaving her head, leaving rehab twice and not strapping her children to her back? Yeah. That'd be a party.

You're gettin your shit together Brit and we're rooting for you all the way.



Kyle said...

Yeah, I wouldn't necessarily consider this a "comeback." It's just her easing into performing again maybe? People just are spoiled and forget that maybe celebrities are humans, too. (Sometimes.)

TheK said...

I wanna see more pictures of Britney's fine ass!!!

Anonymous said...

She's been busted for lip synching in Florida.. the CD skipped. Post about that..