Monday, June 18, 2007

Lola and Winston

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Besides Britney Spears being the most adorable chicklett on the planet, she also likes to outfit swap when she parties. Brit and some new friends hit up the club Lola in Los Angeles in picture number one. On her way out, annoying voices taunted her with the question, Britney are you really going to reconcile with Kevin? She responded with, EHMYGOD LIKE YAH! and proceeded to EHMYGOD. RIGHT. LIKE YEAH. OMG. WHERE'S LINDSAY LOHAN OMG all the way to her car.

Once comfortably seated in the backseat of her chaperoned SUV, the camera man zooms in to get a closer look. "Hey Britney. What do you want to say to Lindsay Lohan?" Brit shrugs her shoulders like what the fuck do you want me to say and gives him one last, OMG. One of her friends climbs up and suggests she "Blow a Kiss." She then blows a very aww she's so cute kiss to the camera and they speed off to Winstons.

The next time we see Brit, she's wearing dress number two which was switched with another one of her gal pals. Because in Hollywood, it's so rank to wear one dress longer than an hour. Duh.

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