Saturday, July 21, 2007


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Britney Spears took a blonde girl, London, her bodyguard and a grip of Paparazzi to the beach on Wednesday. Malibu to be exact. Or Bu since it's totally kick ass to abbreative every more than two syllable word these days. Back to the subject at hand. I think Britney is quite the rambunctious one. She's just completely out of her fucking mind.

I mean, it's obvious that she missed the memo that underwear is not a bikini. It doesn't matter that you're covering up the exact same naughty parts. It only matters if you bought it at a bathing suit store. Because, showing off your neck, arms, stomach and legs in a bikini is so much better then showing off your neck, arms, stomach and legs in a bra and panties.

But the real question of the night. Who goes to the beach wearing anything? Prudes. That's who. I'm making fun of the people who tan, work out all winter to get a fabulous body just to cover it up with cloth.

You Americans and your prudish ways.

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obsessive said...

so, sometimes i wonder that exact same thing.

underwear covers the same, if not more than most bikinis do, but why is it so wrong to swim in this attire?

is it because it's a different matterial?
because it's not supposed to be shown?
or because it just doesn't match in this particular instant?

society's lame.