Tuesday, July 10, 2007


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Clay Aiken [American Idol runner up seven years ago but we're still talking about him] was involved with the FB fucking I this past week at the airport. Clay decided that instead of following through with his plans to completely blow up the plane, he'd put his feet up on the chair in front of him and hopefully start offing people with his toenails.

However, some woman with big britches didn't like this so she shoved him. Shoved? That's all? So why were the ... okay okay. I get it. The woman assumed Clay was a Homosexual and thought it'd be cool to get all close and friendly until he ripped her left breast off with his bare hand and licked the nipple in her face.

That makes more sense right. Or were you completely satisfied with Clay getting pushed by some woman who doesn't like feet?

Either way.
Clay Aiken was touched and the FBI was involved.

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Amy said...

This is way I am afriad to fly! You do one little thing and BAM the fbi has got you all tied up! It's crazy these days!