Tuesday, July 31, 2007

So Jill Stuart Rocks !

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"Lindsay's perfect for us. She's sexy and smart…We continue to be supportive of Lindsay and her family's efforts to get back on track and a healthful road to sobriety and rehabilitation, as anyone who has had a friend or where all of these high profile stories are emanating from, that also does not address the source, namely the restaurants and bars that comp these young people and the loved one struggles with the disease of alcoholism and addiction knows all too well."

There isn't much for me to say here except that the next time I go to California, Jill Stuart is where I'm headed. FINALLY some Lindsay Love. I was about to start shooting people. Right in the temple. No. No. Right in the goozle. That way, I can watch as they grab throat, gasp, try to open their ignorant mouth, faint to the ground and ... well ... die.

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