Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Scarlett JoBitchFace

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To be completely honest, I think Scarlett JoBitchFace is one of the sexiest women of my time. Her lips. Her raspy voice. Her body. Whatever. She is the epitome of sexy.

Which is why this entry is going to make so much sense. Apparently Jenna Jameson is having a movie made about her because we're over our good movie making days. Yes. Screw imagination and thinking for ourselves ... It's pretty obvious we only care about Celebrities and what they're wearing, drinking and eating so why not start making movies about all of the actors that have ever lived. Brilliant.

Jenna Jameson said she asked Scarlett to play her because "anyone can play themselves" but Scarletts PEOPLE said Jenna has done no such thing and no one knows about any movie.

Oh ... So there's no movie ... there's no Scarlett ... Naked ... Showing us what Jenna had to go through to get skinny and fake boobs? Ugh. Scratch paragraph one, two, three and this one.

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