Sunday, August 12, 2007

Brad Pitt Is Smart. and still a little sexy.

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What up Pitt. It's so nice to see you without your skeleton and football team. My sources have devastated me with this ridiculous news flash I'm hearing about my dearest Brad. Apparently our favorite sexiest man has come to terms with the fact that Hollywood is changing and the men are only getting sexier. Zac Efron ... What. That nugget isn't even old enough to buy me a drink and spike it with rohypnol. BUT WHATEVER.

Brad Pitt wants to go out like Seinfeld and Friends. On top. He's said to be moving to Berlin to persue his dream of becoming a serious architect once he's done with his previous movie commitments.

What.ever. Bradley.

You take that sexy face and millions around the world and build yourself that special house you've always wanted. I hope it's better than the previous dream house you had with my girl Jen. But go on. No one's bitter and plotting revenge.

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lisa said...

what???lol who knew he wanted to be an architect?? know i've never been attracted to Brad anyways..*shrug*