Sunday, August 12, 2007

Scary Spice Needs An Ass Whoopin

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OMG! I have the exact facial expression right now too Mel. When I heard that you asked Eddie Murph for a $9 million house and then shared how ya'll got matching tattoos because you were so in love but he has a new girlfriend and you're already married I was appalled. What kind of shit is that.

Hey Jerry. Let's get one anothers names tattooed on our ass because we've known each other for a few months but this is love baby. What? No no not baby like child in my uterus, I don't want one of those. Yeah. Yeah. Let's ditch the condom tonight. Uhp! I'm pregnant. It's yours. We're in love. Buy me a house. No? Fuck you. I'm going on Larry King tonight with my new husband. Bitch!

& THEN her new husband ...Stephen Belafonte ...
is such a winner because he knows how to stick his dick in holes and if his girlfriends question his whereabouts they show up with beautiful black eyes.

The romance is almost too fairytale.

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