Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Wait. What. But Why.

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Owen Wilson tried to commit suicide sometime last week by slitting his wrists. His brother found him in his home, called 911 and Owen was rushed to the hospital.

I wonder why he wanted to kill himself? The fact that maybe he couldn't even slit his wrists in private without the entire fucking world knowing about it? Or could it be the fact that this proves that PEOPLE are PEOPLE who go through normal bullshit regardless of money. I'll be the first person to admit that I know the difference between funny and not so funny. Example. Funny. Owen Wilson's nose. Not so funny. Laughing about Owen Wilson's suicide attempt.

I'm not a fan of Owen Wilson and I'm not a fan of someone who trys to kill themselves. So as of right now, it's not lookin too good for a future friendship with Owen ... but I do know that people need to stop acting like we're in 3rd grade and BLAMING KATE HUDSON.

"It's Kate's fault. Owen had to see her and Dax kissing in the grocery store so he tried to kill himself."

and then u get dumbfucks from one of the "L" states [as I like to call them] who believe that shit. I'm feeling a bit of wit coming on so I'm going to go ahead and end this entry here ... because we've already established that it's not classy to be witty about death.

So ... instead of wishing him luck because he obviously doesn't want it ... and rubbing the fact that he's still alive and rich in his face ... I'm going to say ... Okay, Kitty Kat. This feels "borderline" inappropriate


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