Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Why I Love Her Reason Number 45871494949.

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Because she sits like that. If ur creepy like me and spend ur weekends watching videos of Britney from 1998 ... YOU CAN TELL SHE'S NUTS. And not shave my head nuts ... just ... nuts. SHE'S GOOFY. She's always made those retard faces, stuck her tongue out, crossed her eyes, picked her nose, flipped n dipped and acted stupid. Always. Nothing has changed. But I guess because she's 25 ... acting silly is out of the question.

I love Britney because she doesn't give a fuck. Granted, wearing cute white mini dresses to clubs and sitting like a man in a backwards chair minus the chair might be a little disgusting and weird and wrong and blah blah boo boo bitch TO YOU ... but it's just one of the many many many reasons why I love this woman.

Anyway. The above picture is obviously from her appearance at LAX in Vegas this past friday. Her legs are gapped ... she's got a drink in her left hand ... a cigarette in her right hand and a stalker behind her. Sigh. You're livin the dream babygirl. Livin.The.Dream.

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