Friday, October 19, 2007

Kim Kardashian is Offensive

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TO ALL THE UGLY PEOPLE !!!!! Look how magnificent this girl is. I mean. I wonder what it's like to be fucking gorgeous and rich ... without the help of the dude who ultimately puts his dick inside so u can have a new Chanel. Ayiyi Mami !! Makes me wanna turn my lesbian switch on. Permantely.

She has her own show on E! Sunday nights at 10:30. You should watch it because she's gorgeous ... pretty ... beautiful ... has huge boobs ... a phat ass [omg ... do we still use phat] ... wears cute clothes ... drives a white range rover with pink accent and uhm ... did I say she had a gorgeous face? No? Oops. Kim Kardashian is gorgeous. One more time? Alright. Kim Kardashian is a motherfucking FOX.

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