Friday, November 2, 2007

40 months? How about LIFE Bitch.

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Listen. You were sexy on Prison Break last season. Especially in that episode where u were the bitch and they sent u to the store to buy garden hoses n shovels n shit and u beat that man down. All sweaty and dirty. Mmm. But. You Killed someone.

Fox told Garrison, “I think you are truly remorseful,” but sentenced him to prison because “the public needs to know crimes like this need to be punished and, unfortunately, you have to be the messenger.” The sentence was based on Garrison’s lack of prior criminal history and that he admitted responsibility, pleaded guilty right away and has offered the families financial assistance.

Before sentencing, a highly emotional Garrison told the victims’ families he was “genuinely remorseful” and “sickened” by his behavior that night.

Garrison he will get credit for the 91 days he has already served. That, combined with California’s Work Time/Good Time early release program, means he will likely be in state prison for about 20 months.

He must also pay close to $300,000 to the Setian family and to the two girls who were in the car.

What? Whatever happened to LIFE in Prison. He was fuckin DRUNK and he KILLED someone. There is no bail. There is no getting out early. THERE IS NO GETTING OUT. You people better hope and pray I stick to the Blogging. Because if I wake up one morning and wanna be a Judge, You're gonna PRAY for Judge Judy. I would say ... Sexy Sweaty Man You're GOING TO JAIL FOR LIFE YOU DRUNK BASTARD. Ugh. Paris has a DUI and a suspended license ... 21 days in Jail. Nicole Richie drives down the wrong side of the freeway stoned and on vicodin ... An hour? Britney Spears hits a car and doesn't have a California state drivers license. No Time. LINDSAY FUCKING LOHAN. Crashes her car. Leaves the scene. She's drunk. Bruised. And there's Cocaine. NOT A DAMN THING. But this man KILLED a motherfucker. He ended a life. He needs to go to Prison for his.

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