Friday, November 2, 2007

America's Most Smartest Model

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I don't watch this show because of the name. I can't even pronounce it without wanting to bash monotone Ferris Bueller teacher in the mouth. But I think I might have to record and save until I erase because of this body right chere !

“He’s just a very, very scary, intimidating person,” his accuser told The Post. “He’s so explosive. You can see it in his eyes. He has this insane thing inside of him.”

“He touched my genitalia, and I immediately moved away,” she said. “Then I looked over, and he looked really upset . . . I went up to him. And he was standing there with his head down. He said something along the lines of ‘no.’

“He then grabbed my boob.”

Following his arraignment last night, Birleanu said, “I didn’t molest anyone . . . I already slept with that girl, so it’s strange she would say I touched her inappropriately.”

Did she really say Genitalia? Really. DID SHE SAY THAT !? She shoulda been slapped. People who say Genitalia and not Pussy, Snatch or Cunt don't deserve to be groped.

So he grabs this girl in the land of yes and instead of rolling her eyes, grabbing her drink and walking away she consoles him? He wanted to get me juiced up but I declined and then I felt bad because he seemed angry. So I went up to him. Yea. Yea. AFTER he touched me in the bad spot. And then he grabbed my boob. I'm just as confused as you are.

Why am I living in a city with prudes. I want a man to come stick ... no no ... shove his hand in my naughty naughty while grabbing my boob while forcing a shot on Tequila down my throat. Whew! I've gone and made myself hot. Excuse me.

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Anonymous said...

he's a douche bag from russia that talks shit about everyone and all americans. he would be damn sexy if he didn't always cause drama. i'm more for a subtle ass hole.