Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Britneeeeeeeeeeeeey !!

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i haven't really read anything today. Just went around to the blogs to steal pictures before I chose to write. but I found this picture. and im not posting it because i want you to know britney gets stains on her cute shirt or that she's the only person i've ever seen with yellow cigarettes.

she went to get a tan and parked in a handicap spot. i swear. it's in the picture. see. i don't lie. but she's britney spears and she's allowed to do that. because u know, when im running into walgreens [*gasp* its now called LeSexy. No longer Walgreens] just to grab a lighter, i don't feel like parking 3 spots down when there's an open blue spot. but the police never seem to understand my reasoning.

oh ... and she's wearing chanel sunglasses. and you know my theory on accessories. if you have the right ones, you're unstoppable and the rules don't apply.


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