Friday, November 23, 2007

eva longoria plays hollywood

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oh eva eva eva. u cute little ... well i guess bitch would play appropriate to this situation.

“Eva ran straight over to Posh and started pulling up chairs around a big table so they could sit together,” said our spy. “The host was furious. She told Eva, ‘You cannot bring any more chairs over here. This is a dining room.’ Eva didn’t listen to her, and a head server had to start pulling the chairs from her and move them back to the dining area so people with reservations could sit.”

when people are attractive without make up and carry around pink purses worth thousands, you're not to address them. ok waitress. you are to hold your breathe while they walk in the vincinity trashing the place with their beauty tude and spewing nonsense and vomit. because the only people who dine at the Chateau Marmont are drunk celebrities, reality stars or entourages. eva longoria pulling up a chair next to victoria beckham is like royalty and her joker. you pick the parts. but im slightly confused on the chair grabbing. im no hollywood celebrity or anything but sometimes, at hooters, i grab stools as i walk in because i already know im going to need them. nobody ever says anything to me. maybe u should pick better battles eva. don't go to resturants where people plan to use chairs and dine.

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