Friday, November 23, 2007

im upset

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omg so guess how old this girl is. and i'll give u a hint. 13 !!! this is ali lohan. for those of u slow folk, that makes her lindsay lohan's sister. i have so many things to say but im only gonna give three.

1. first picture, what kinda shoes is homegirl wearing !? oh yeah, das righ ... UGGZ motherfuckers.

2. second picture, are you a grandmother or modeling clothes for sears !? grandma coat covered with grandma scarf? was this dina's idea so america wouldn't think her second child was whorish? let's shy away from anything lindsay. whatever she did, u must do the opposite. like ... wear tons of make up !! uhck

3. awww but ur cute ali, really. ur 13 so you shouldn't even know what daylight is ... but ur cute. and u wear uggz and ur sister is lindsay fuckin lohan.

*sigh* i dunno. i thought i should share these because they're on the internet and that is what i do.

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