Sunday, November 18, 2007

im gonna have to disagree

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i disagree.

first of all, i've always had a problem with sexiest man alive because PEOPLE MAGAZINE does not know every human on the planet [im so literal ... it kills] because if they did ... Matthew Damon wouldn't be gracing the cover.

is he sexy? really? just a bad picture you say? no ... no ... i saw jason bourne and linus and i mean ... magazine cover sexiest man alive material? no. is he sexy because we haven't seen him snort cocaine, get a dui or cheat on his wife? is that what's making him sexy? or is he sexy because he does big time movies without comedy. it's all serious and down to business. makin bank. not causing havoc. sexy?

u want to know what sexiest man alive looks like? i won't give u a picture because it wouldn't be fair to matt but his name begins with an m and ends with an ark like noah. okay. mark wahlberg is what sexy looks like and i will not stop preaching that until HE has graced people magazine. even if he's 86. omg. can u imagine. i wonder if i'll still be prancing around calling mark sexy at 86. haha. what am i saying. of course i'll think he's sexy because he will be my husband. and i'll be changing his shit bag and putting his food in a blender. or maybe he'll still be mobile like hugh? either way ... wait ... i just totally lost myself in my fantasy

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