Wednesday, November 7, 2007

hayden panties knows what's up

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there's this wonderful thing called a live feed that blogs are starting to use these days. it means we're video taping someone live and if you are stalker enough, you'll watch. i don't really waste my time on anyone other than britney so i only watched the live feed of her driving down to san diego for her first house of blues tour.

hayden panties on the other hand, might've been watching the paparazzi sit outside her window last night. because as you can see in the picture above, she ordered two tasty looking boxes in the shape of pizza for them and well, took it outside. yum! some place called dominos. and im completely fascinated. because ... earlier today, eva longoria took boxes of this domino's to the writers who are on strike.

oooh. i get it. they're called dominos because it's the domino effect. hayden did it. eva did it. and now im about to do it. cause there's a similar box sitting on the table here at work. wonder what it tastes like. if it exists in hollywood, im sure it's good to go.

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