Friday, November 23, 2007

mama has some good advice

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so im going to go ahead and give you option a or option b. you must pick one cause im sick of this shit.

option a

anyone under the age of 18 must wear a cloak. and im not talkin a cute chanel, show a little leg cloak. oh no no. i'm talkin nun cloak. no skin. you show no skin. ever. until you're 18.

option b

take away statutory rape.

i am so sick and tired of these girls who are trying to be adults with their boobs out in mommie's lipstick with their legs open on myspace ... but then running for the rope or the police when something wants to go down.

am i the only one who realizes men zoom in on skin? cleavage? ass? legs? face ... haha. i know, that made me laugh too. but face has skin so it's by default. but i mean ... i should be able to wear whatever i want ... is for the birds. u wear what u wanna wear and if it just so happens to catch the attention of the approaching male ... ohfuckinwell 10 year old. AND WHO THE FUCK ARE THE PARENTS !?

myspace killed my daughter. myspace broke me and my boyfriend up. myspace did this. myspace did that. did myspace buy ur web cam with ur cute little "sexy bitch" panties? did it? did myspace make u respond to the message from the 28 year old man? and when said man asked u ur age ... did u lie? OF COURSE U DID !! because who doesn't want a man fancying them? Hmm. Oh but make sure he looks like david beckham and not peewee herman because we will ... have an issue.

my achy breaky heart is on the line here Miley. Or Hannah Montana. Or whatever's making u the big bucks. I see u. with ur tongue out like that. women have tongues so they can suck the dick. and to help us talk i guess but nobody really needs any of that. so keep ur tongue, arms and legs inside the ride until you're of masturbation age alright. ALRIGHT !? alright. mama knows best my child. mama knows best.

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