Friday, November 30, 2007

Nicole Richie. Awww.

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Talk about one of my idols turned normal. Psha. BUT, I still love Nicole. Her attitude is something I strive for.

When I found out that I was pregnant, there was just something inside of me that felt a responsibility to mend any issues that I’ve had with my parents in the past, because, listen, I’ve put them through a lot.”

Richie, 25, adds that she has spent time bonding with boyfriend Joel Madden’s mother, and her dad, too. “[The baby] is all he talks about, actually,” Richie jokes, adding that he doesn’t want the baby to call him “grandpa.”

I like to know everything,” she says, “If he wasn’t at every doctor’s appointment, I probably would have found out by now just behind his back and not told him.”

“I got to hold something for when I get older,” she says, “I can’t have everything happen in one year.”

1. Nicole admits to putting her parents through a lot. Noooo ... Really!?

2. Lionel doesn't want the baby to call him grandpa. Because that would be typical and well ... Richie's and Madden's cannot be considered typical. Nosiree.

3. Wait. Nicole wants to know the sex of her baby but Joel doesn't? So ... they both can't know? I'll never have a relationship. Sorry Douche. IF I WANNA KNOW I'M GONNA KNOW. It's like I have no acknowledgement of "other people" and what they want.

4. & she's not going to get married right now, even though she may want to because ... what are we going to look forward to in 2008 or 9 if she's already married with baby this year? Booooring. Make us wait Nic. & then have a ... pimps n hoes baby was an accident wedding. OMG !! Hopefully i'll have made a mark by then and i'll be invited. I'll even take the pictures. But don't worry. I wouldn't DARE try and sell them for a measley $3k. I know right. I thought Paris was a little ill too.

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