Wednesday, November 7, 2007

oh c'mon audrina

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look in a mirror. you're hot woman. why am i subjected to seeing you with all these men who have obvious hair styling issues. jeezes. i mean. justinbobby i might give you some slack on cause that disgusting nasty rude tryin to look like johnny depp motherfucker is SEXY. but this. this gotti grease slick back. NO !

and then to hear you're disappearing for an hour to make out. in the bathroom with grease slick. oh the joys of mtv programs. everyone's so innocent. everyone's so squeaky clean. until those damn cameras turn off and you're left with x17 and tmz. i wasn't a fan chipmunk. i don't feel your sense of a backbone. but making out in public restrooms at clubs tops that shit. congrats audrina. welcome to my world.

but start dating the balds.

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