Wednesday, November 7, 2007

paris hilton makes me proud

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erase your mind of paris hilton. pretend you've never seen her snatch, nipples or anus. pretend she never got a dui. pretend she never went to jail. o i got it. pretend she's not rich. yea yea. now all your hate's away. okay.

now open your eyes and look at that picture. tell me she's not cute as a button. pink stockings [i've never seen such a thing], those sunglasses, that cute little babydoll dress and uhm ... what's that she's holding ... a purse?

paris and nicky hilton were in toyko this past week promoting a new purse line for Samantha Thavasa. they took numerous pictures with different outfits and purses but this one has got to be the most fave. oh. *chuckles* and paris reportedly isn't going to rwanda anymore because she realizes she's a brand and not a god damn humanitarian. stick with pretty paris. stick with pretty.

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