Friday, November 30, 2007

So there's this black guy who likes pot

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and before u go throwing around the, "don't be a racist" statement ... He's a rapper. Oooo. Bryan Williams aka Birdman BLING BLING EVERY TIME I COME AROUND YO CITAY BLANG BLANG ! good song. good song. Oh. Uhm. Yeah.

Blingsation was on an RV wafting around with his POUND of Marijuana with 16 of his homies when the driver fucked everything up and made an IMPROPER LANE CHANGE ! That's insane to me. When you're DRIVING with pot on your person, you better cruise control that bitch and keep the windows down.

I'm new to the game and know that rule. C'mon now. So basically, once their wheels crossed the white line, police officers had to y'know SEARCH the entire space ship because "they could smell it." Upon entering the house on wheels ... they found an assault rifle, a handgun and a magazine for a .45. Ooo. A MAGAZINE FOR ONE. That's so scary it had to be mentioned.

So basically ... A rapper ... with a lot of pot ... and a lot of friends ... with guns ... goes to jail.

what is this world coming to?

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