Friday, November 30, 2007

Lindsay Lohan. New Album?

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Now we all know my relationship with Lindsay is strictly sexual. This means, i'm not like front row for her movies or camping outside of Target for her CD's. I'm simply in awe of her existence.

A source at Universal Music Group tells us she’ll soon start recording her third album, rumored to be titled “Nobody’s Angel.” The tipster said, “She’s only recording because of a contractual obligation to Universal,” which released her second album. Another insider insisted, “Lindsay always planned to release a third album.”

& this ladies and gentlemen is the perfect example of how everyone's lying. The source says Lindsay's only doing an album out of obligation [good word, good word] to Universal. & then ANOTHER insider says, "She's always wanted to do one." What's the real reason? DOES IT MATTER !? No. Nothing matters. The point is, I'll be in line for this one. Nobody's Angel? You're sending sensations to the right area Lindsay. Mhm. & my assumption (more like hope) is that she'll write the lyrics ... and there will be an amazing song on there giving us insight into her coke induced car crash this past summer.

Some people want to be doctors and help the less fortunate and have realizations at the age of 21 that "the little shit" doesn't matter. But some of us live day to day carrying purses that cost more than rent, starbucks in the left hand and refreshing the Hollywood section of their favorites HOPING Lindsay Lohan has graced it.

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