Friday, November 30, 2007

Now. I don't wanna be mean.

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But Jennifer. as in Love Hewitt. What's ... What's going on here? I rewound your hanes commercial four times last night because I think you're the cutest little button. And then I wake up and BOOM ! Ass. Cheese. Ocean. Bikini Bottom. I'm not too sure Hanes will be thrilled about these pictures.

“They got engaged last week,” her rep tells Us. The couple is currently vacationing in Hawaii."

But this entire situation will be solved in about two weeks. Jennifer Love Hewitt is currently vacationing in Hawaii with her brand new Fiance. Aww. So ya know. She's allowed to eat. When you leave the grounds of Hollywood, it's okay to become a real person. So i'm not worried. She got off that plane and said, WHERE'S THE PIG WITH THE APPLE IN IT'S MOUTH and tilted her head back for some shots. With her Fian. And u know how people get when they get took. Comfortable. I already have my significant other. I'm allowed to let myself go.

Jennifer will return home ... call up the personal trainer ... call up the chef ... and we'll see her PURPOSELY out in another bikini ... in December ... showing us her newfound goods. Can't wait.

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