Friday, November 30, 2007

tara reid is starting to understand

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Tara ! Don't make me come out there. Hollywood A lister and STAR of American Pie? No. The only stars in that movie were average joe guy's dick and that pie. OH and stiffler of course. That sexy fuck. But this is what i'm talking about. People need to know their calling and run with it. You're a hot little chica. So be a hot little chica. THAT'S YOU ! You're already in the game girl. Know ur role.

“It’s a night like your ‘pimps and prostitutes’ or sleaze balls, and it’s just a night of less is best,” hospitality manager Guy Dunne said.

“We thought Tara Reid would be a great choice … it’s a very naughty night and an opportunity to put your inhibitions down.”

Who's this, Guy Dunne person? I want him to be my new bestie. and i want to work wherever he works. He's partying on a sunday night and giving quotes like "less is best" and "opportunity to put your inhibitions down." so basically tara reid is hosting a get drunk naked and have sex party. LIFE ! the only drama this sunday night should be which flavor condom u wanna strap on.

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