Friday, November 30, 2007

We're Never Satisfied

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So remember when everyone on the planet was saying, OMG YOU'RE RICH ! HIRE A DRIVER !!!! Well, Brit Brit did hire a driver but he's already quit due to "liability." & now we're teasing her.

Awwhh! *Faints like woman in a scary movie*

LIABILITY. Guess what asshole. You're the man behind the machine. FUCK BITCHES UP ! You're in charge. YOU have what everyone wants in the backseat, you're in control. Run over feet and break cameras.

But Britney Spears, her children and the court ordered monitered will be safe in their seats. Get some shades ... You know what. I'm moving to Los Angeles this weekend. I'LL be Britney's driver. C'mon paps. Fuck with me. It'll be fun.

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