Friday, November 30, 2007

Oh C'mon Riley !

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You know what the greatest idea in the world is. Are u ready for this? Grab a seat. Going to rehab. Meeting a guy in rehab. And bringing him home with u, so he can go out and party while you shop with your little sister and mom.

“Lindsay is trying to fill her time with nondrinking and nonpartying activities,” a Lohan friend told us.

While the fashion-savvy star spent Friday and Saturday shopping at Armani Exchange and Intermix with her mom and sister, her new boyfriend slept late on Saturday, having partied the night before at Pink Elephant.

“Lindsay and Ali were having so much fun shopping, and Lindsay was helping her little sister pick out clothes,” said a source, who saw the girls on Black Friday.

A Lohan friend said: “Riley was not very well behaved when he came back to New York with Lindsay. He was out every night without her, and I’m not sure how much longer that relationship is going to last.”

Yeah. Nonalcoholic & Nonpartying activies. That's cute. But she's Lindsay Lohan so instead of going out every night making friends with people who don't even care about her, she's dropping dough at Armani. Yeah. Yeah. Seems like a fair trade off to me. AS FOR RILEY ! I dunno. I don't really see the problem other than his girlfriend being NO-TOOOR-IOUS [say it like the p puff diddy daddy BIG song] for partying. But. Everyone handles situations differently. Party on !

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