Friday, November 30, 2007

Who Shot Kong?

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This 24 year old sexy face was shot in the upper leg during a home invasion over the weekend.

The Pro Bowl safety had taken a bullet in his upper leg, reports the AP, damaging an artery, causing serious blood loss and loss of consciousness. According to his former lawyer, Richard Sharpstein, Taylor seemed to show signs of recovery when he squeezed a nurse’s hand late Monday night, but never regained consciousness thereafter.

Fly on the wall. I wonder if sexy face charged the intruder or if he was peaceful in his bed when the FUCKER entered his room to steal shit. Either way, houses should come equip with Panic Rooms. But no one should have the same. Some should be behind the fridge, some under the toilet and some behind the stove. Ooo and all the panic rooms come with shot guns, camera's and ripe raptor eggs. Sick em.

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