Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Miss Panties Is A Trip

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Hayden wants to come off as this breathe of fresh air. Ooo. A Celebrity who's not greedy and crazy. She's featured on the cover of Teen Magazine and wants us to know that she's not Lindsay Lohan.

"“The good thing is that I don’t enjoy doing any of the things that [the paparazzi] are interested in catching me doing,” dishes Hayden. ”For God knows what reason, they compare me with Lindsay Lohan! It’s kind of become, ‘All right, you guys can stay there and try knocking me off my horse.’ I want to prove them wrong now.”

Uh. Yeah. Sorry that you're not as neat as Aaron Carter and Jesse McCartney. Maybe you're waiting until you're actually 21 to go out and do those things that photogs want to catch you doing. My only question is. Did you give this interview before or after smoking with Paris Hilton, Romping with Stephan Coletti, Taking tongue pictures with ass cheeks or drinking and being scandalous with your friends? It's a disease Hayden. And you've got it. Don't be ashamed. But turn 21 before you become holier than thou.

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