Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Britney Rides With A Male

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OmGah. Sound the alarms. Britney Spears is in her vehicle with a man that is not Justin Timberlake, Kevin Federline, JR Scrotum or Sam Lufti. WHAT'S GOING ON !? We're all lost without the knowledge of this man's name! Someone help me. SOMEONE HELP ME !

Calm down. I've figured it out. His name is Robert Edie and he is a real estate agent. Haters frequently ask me if there is anything that Britney has done that I disagree with. My answer has always been No. Until now.

And not so much as disagreeing. More like I'm questioning. Britney's hanging out with this real estate agent man while she has a huge ass mansion in The Summit in Beverly Hills but spends most of her nights at The Four Seasons. Maybe I'm weird but. If I was a celebrity, I'd have a pretty sick ass bachelorette pad. As in Condo. Not a mansion. But that's just because I'm making sure I have more than enough to purchase every purse on the planet. But whatever. I'm not the Queen B. So maybe buying houses is her purse addiction.

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